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Meet Merlot

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Meet Merlot a lover of all things wine and next in line to his Winemaker and Sommelier Father Stephane Pommier.

Whilst most dogs enjoy chewing on a bone, Merlot loves nothing better than a glass of white on a hot summers night, a glass of rose in the springtime day, a glass of bubbles and a gossip and a glass of red in front of the fireplace.

The most essential tool for making wine is a sense of smell and taste. A dog’s sense of taste is much less than that of a human, however they can still identify the same five classifications that humans do sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Their sense of smell on the other hand is up to one million times stronger, making Merlot the perfect candidate to be a wine critic.

When Merlot is not at work reviewing the latest wine or devouring a 7 course degustation you will find him lying on the couch getting a belly rub eating Schmackos.

Merlot enjoying an afternoon break

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