Welcome to SOM your premier destination for the ultimate French wine experience.

Our passion goes beyond the bottle and that’s why at SOM we don’t just sell fine wine, we’ve created our online store, wine club, masterclasses, exclusive events and tours to bring a taste of France to you.

Our resident Winemaker and Sommelier Stephane travels to France twice a year to hand select our fine wines.

We work directly with the producers and import all of the wine ourselves, which means the benefit to you is bypassing the middleman to access affordable quality wines without the price tag, delivered to your doorstep.

We love connecting wine lovers so we are creating SOM wine club. As a valued member you will receive exclusive wine club offers including discounts, invitations to our VIP events, video tutorials and access to rare wine that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stay tuned for the launch of SOM Wine Club.

Wanting to immerse yourself in the world of wine? From private tastings to masterclasses and events, SOM creates memorable experiences where you will learn, discover and celebrate the grape to glass, one sip at a time.

For those seeking a deeper connection to the vineyards, pack your bag and passport for an unforgettable wine tour of France.

Experience the magic of Champagne and Burgundy with your French guide Stephane who will take you on an adventure with behind-the-scenes access to the domaines and winemakers famous for their wines that are unattainable to the public.

At SOM we believe that life is too short to drink bad wine…