• Wine Masterclass

    Learn to choose, order and match your wine with confidence.

    Discover, taste and appreciate wine in a fun, focused, engaging and interactive environment.

    Whether it be private or corporate, from beginners to wine enthusiasts, wow your guests with a truly one of a kind experience and learn about the story behind every bottle, from the terroir to the wine making process, to the characteristics of the grapes in your glass.

  • Wine Sourcing

    Looking for the perfect wine for your business?

    Perhaps you’re looking for a unique and memorable gift. Or maybe you’re after a rare and prestigious wine to complete your cellar.

    We work with renowned wineries and winemakers from all over the world, old world and new world, international and domestic and are delivering to your doorstep be it your home or office.

    Whether you are looking for a reliable ongoing supplier for your restaurant or bar or you’re looking for a particular vintage to complete your collection, or perhaps you just want some fabulous wine for your drinking pleasure, SOM can be your go to source for any wine deliveries.

  • Wine Training

    Want to increase revenue from your wine sales for your restaurant or bar? SOM provides training for your staff by up skilling them on their wine knowledge, wine service and wine sales. 

    We don’t just train we educate your staff in a session that is not only informative but also fun and full of passion resulting in the staff finding their own passion about wine and passing this on to their customers. 

    Stephane can create a program unique to you to meet your business objectives, maximise profit and create customer loyalty.


  • Wine List Design

    We understand that some restaurants cannot afford a Sommelier and sometimes the selection of wines can be confronting, due to their price point and variety. SOM is here for that!

    Whether you need to create or revise your wine list, we can bring a Sommelier to your venue, design you a custom wine list or update your current one according to and matching to your food menu whilst respecting the price point of your choice.